Description of the Iluminar sliding scale pricing
Coffee Subscription 2: 1 5LB bag/monthly for 3 months

Coffee Subscription 2: 1 5LB bag/monthly for 3 months

$ 225.00 USD


Zambia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatamala, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic

Regions are specific


See packaging notes



Tasting Notes

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About the Beans

Want Iluminar Coffee automatically sent to your door in bulk? Subscribers will receive 1- 5lb bag coffee, once a month, up to 3 months. Subscriptions are set up for 3 months in advance. Subscribers can renew via website after final shipment. Save time in ordering and save upfront shipping costs by having your preferred choice of beans show up as needed. Also a great idea for gifts to share the love of coffee. ☕️ Coffee will be shipped every 3rd week; each purchase is a 3 months bulk advance order. If you have any questions about the subscriptions or wanting to change your varietal during the subscription, please reach out to us directly at contact@iluminar.coffee.
Sliding Scale Pricing & Sustainable Packaging
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