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Tanzania Washed

Tanzania Washed

$ 16.50 USD



Mbeya & Mbinga




Bourbon, Kent

Tasting Notes

Passionfruit, Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Bubbling Brown Sugar

About the Beans

The Iyenga, Mwalyego and Itumpi Coops, three award-winning cooperatives from Tanzania’s Mbeya and Mbinga regions, contributed coffee to this lot. The coffee was delivered to and curated by Taylor Winch Tanzania, our sister company on the ground in Tanzania, which works closely with numerous coops offering technical and agronomic support. The Iyenga Cooperative currently has 172 smallholder members and a combined production of 45 metric tons of green coffee. When the collaboration with Taylor Winch started in 2014 Iyenga was selling through the public auction at mainstream prices. Today they have specialty buyers all around the world and they are building a name. Iyenga took 1st place in the 2018/19 Tanzania Coffee Board, Taste of Harvest Competition. Mwalyego Cooperative was registered in 1993 and currently has 164 farmers producing an average of 35/40mt. Since they started their partnership with Taylor Winch they have realized considerable improvements year over year. In 2018 Mwalyego took 6th position in the 2018/19 Tanzania Taste of the Harvest competition. Kimuli Cooperative was started in 1993 serving 9 villages with 3 washing stations. In 1998 they started working with Taylor Winch on agronomy trainings, processing and certification. They are focused on quality and continue to invest in and improve their 3 washing stations.
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