Uncommon Holiday Collab

Uncommon Holiday Collab

$ 18.00 USD



Santa Barbara


Carbonic Macerated Washed



Tasting Notes

Marmalade, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Mandarin

About the Beans

2 8oz bags of coffee roasted two ways. This coffee is a carbonic maceration washed coffee from La Ventolera in Colombia. Grown at 2000 masl, farmer Felipe Trujillo is dedicated to finding innovative ways to process coffee, drawing inspiration from the wine industry. The coffee cherries ferment for 72 hours. After being depulped, they are seeped in their own juices for 130 hours. Both processes occur in oxygen-limited environments. This yields tasting notes of marmalade, cotton candy, strawberry, and mandarin orange. This coffee duo gives you the unique opportunity to see how roast development impacts flavor. Both are light/medium roasts, but one is more developed. This coffee duo is sold with sliding scale pricing. Choose either $18, $22, or $26 to pay. By offering sliding scale, we hope to give more people access to this fantastic limited release coffee.
Sliding Scale Pricing
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